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Change Team: 
It's GO Time! :)
by posted 04/05/2021

Dear Team,

Our first practice is Tues April 6 5:30-7:00.  I wanted to send some important information:

- A prescreening form must be completed for each player for every event (practice or game).  A player will not be able to participate if this form is not completed prior to the practice or the game. Please remember to do this prior to any event; practice or games.

- Each player must bring their own stick, goggles, water bottle, mask, and mouthguard.

- Quarantine Protocols from Adam Kaufman:

- If we receive notification that any team member (player or coach) tested positive to COVID 19, and participated in a WAYL activity, the whole team will be advised to quarantine. We will notify the DOH and follow their recommendations on contact tracing.

- Players and family who travel by plane, train, or bus (other than for school) or spending more than 24 hours in a “hot zone” state will be advised to quarantine.

- The CDC’s Travel Guidance says that you should quarantine for a minimum of 10 days when you return from flying on a plane, riding on a bus (other than for school) or train, or traveling to one of those 19 states. However, 3-5 days after you return, you should have a COVID 19 test. If it is negative, you can come out of quarantine on day 7 after you have returned. Obviously, all who live in the same household will need to produce a negative test in order for your child to return to WAYL activities.

The same process will be advised for those exposed during WAYL activities.

- We will be requiring prescreening forms to be returned well before any activity starts so that the coaches can confirm that everyone is safe to participate. Your child will not be allowed to participate if you have not submitted the form.


I am definitely looking forward to seeing you all out on the turf!  We're going to have a really great season; I can feel it!


Coach Cameron

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Weather Delay
by posted 03/31/2021

Dear Team,


I was looking forward to getting started with our first practice this Thurs, however it looks like a rain day.  Because the field is somewhat fragile in the early season, my higher-ups have decided to cancel all WAYL practices for this Thursday.  Therefore, I look forward to seeing you all next Tuesday at 5:30. 



Coach Cameron

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